Teresa Giudice

Not OK

Teresa was not pleased with how Caroline and Jacqueline handled the Gia situation.

Gia didn't want to come to the field day because she was upset about Joey screaming at me and making me cry at Kathy's pool party, and that's exactly why I didn't want to talk to him then -- because my kids were there! She's only 10 and it's an emotional age. When you're 10, you want the whole world to be fair. It drove her crazy that people were cheating and adults were taunting her, sticking their tongues out and stuff. She got wound up, so she lost it. Exactly like any other 10 year old would under those circumstances. The thing is, she's my kid, and the way I handle it is the way I did, talking calmly to her, telling her I love her, listening to her, telling her not to be a sore loser, giving her advice on how to just sit still and listen if an older person is talking to you.
But I had no idea what Caroline and Jacqueline were doing to her. Extremely, extremely not OK. Kids get upset, I don't think you have to follow them around, corner them, get in their face, and make them feel worse. Did you see Gia's poor face? Saying "no one had ever done that to her before"? As Gia's mother, it really broke my heart to watch that, and it was wrong. It wasn't them trying to help, they were belittling her and making her feel terrible about herself, and I don't think she was disrespectful. She didn't run away or slap them or call them dirty names. She sat there and cried and begged them to get her mom. And the fact that they wouldn't go find me is really upsetting.
Then to top it off, Jacqueline brings out a baby book about "being a bad sport" to read out loud to Gia while laughing at her? Could you imagine if I did the same to one of their children and read a book to them about their faults? I don't think that would go over well and it would be very inappropriate. I would never do such a thing!