Lilly Ghalichi

An Offer Lilly Can't Refuse?

Lilly felt conflicted about the offer to work on a competing swim line.

Let me start by saying I F-CKING LOVE ASA’S MOM. She’s so funny, LOL! From her road rage, to her love of Snoop Lion and Cheetos, she’s amazing. Asa is a good daughter to try and help her mom be healthier, but it looks like it’s going to be a harder battle than Asa anticipated!

I am truly shocked with how Reza has treated Sasha; it is very unlike him. Reza may have his flaws, but being hateful or ugly is not in his nature. The way he treated Sasha and his brother was very unfair. Seeing him open up to Asa was very touching. It doesn’t make what he said and did to Sasha right or any better, but it at least makes us understand why he did the things he did. Deep down, Reza is a good person and he knows in his heart what he did to Sasha was wrong. I hope he does the right thing and apologizes. I am proud to see Mike standing up for what is right, even if it means telling one of his best friends he’s wrong. That is a man with integrity.