Brenda Urban

Brenda: The Truth About Kat and Dogs

Brenda clarifies her comments about Kat's reputation.

Finally! Season 1 of Eat, Drink, Love! I am so happy to share my life with everyone who tunes in. The months of hanging out with these ladies definitely had their ups and downs, so get ready for a bumpy ride!

Starting out, Los Angeles is the city of dreams. People come here with high aspirations of success, fame, and fortune. Unfortunately, it always doesn’t work out that way.

Each of these girls mean something different to me. I always loved and respected Waylynn.  I feel like we are cut from a similar cloth. We have worked hard enough to be super successful in our careers and accept that perhaps our social lives have taken a back seat as a result.  

Jess is a rock star. She is has the gusto of a 50-year-old hedge fund manager packed in the body of a super model.  I really admire Jess’s business sense… yet it is almost overwhelming at times. I sometimes want to remind her to enjoy the amazing business we are lucky enough to work in!!

I absolutely love what I do. How lucky am I that I get to represent some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles! I think Tim Goodell is one of the most talented chefs in Southern California and being able to work with him on a daily basis is a blessing… of course there are good and bad days -- like any job. But eating and drinking my way through meetings isn’t a bad way to work and live.

Ah, Kat. Where do I start?  Kat has certainly made a name of herself in the food industry in L.A. I mean, EVERYONE knows who Kat is, for better or for worse. Taking her to Superba was really important to my agency. It had just opened, and Kat’s opinion matters. If she doesn’t have a good experience, we will all certainly hear about it… on Eater.

I definitely have mixed feelings about Nina from the beginning. She got where she is from who she knows and not necessarily her talent or her training. Does she work hard? Of course. We all do. I admire her desire to be part of the L.A. restaurant scene, but it is going to take a lot to transfer her talents from private kitchens to high-profile restaurants.